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J. U. MISTRY & SONS high quality Engineering Products and solutions are used by many companies and its subcontract component manufacture supports several leading manufactures. It meets the needs of wide range of other customer sectors including Electronic Components, Food & Drink, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Engineering, Telecommunications and Textiles providing a customized service, from advice on design and development, through to manufacturing parts of assemblies.

jumistry & sons

The company is experienced in working with a wide range of materials including Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and all other Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals.

J. U. MISTRY & SONS has a comprehensive Sheet Metal facility capable of handling sheet and plate material up to 4mm thick. The general machine shop includes conventional machines. The facility is also capable of performing TIG / MIG and Spot welding.

Every department is supported by on in house tool room and produces Jigs and Fixtures which assists with the companies manufacturing systems and competitiveness by providing a turn key solution for most demanding of customer requirements.

With twenty years experience in this field the company is staffed with experienced technical supervisory and operating personnel with wide range of engineering knowledge led by senior partner with skills in the analysis of complete assemblies and in value engineering of these structures and their components.

J. U. MISTRY & SONS Established in 1982 but out firm M/S U, M. MISTRY & SONS was originally established in 1930, engaged in Steel Furniture , Textile & Dying Accessories, Foundry & Sheet Metal Components all over India.

E-mail : sales@jumistry.com
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